Free and open source plans#

Free plan#

Semaphore offers a free tier plan with no subscription or seat costs.

Each user can register one free plan organization.

At the start of each billing cycle, organizations on the free plan receive $10 worth of credits to be used for machine time or storage and egress.

These credits equate to 1,300 minutes of e1-standard-2 machine time.

Please note that these free credits are non-transferable and will be reset at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Concurrency is limited to one job for organizations on the free plan.

The following machine types are available on this plan:

  • Linux - e1-standard-2
  • MacOS - a1-standard-4
  • Self-hosted - 1 agent

If you want to upgrade from the free plan, you can do so at any time on the Plans & Billing page within the app by choosing the Startup plan.

Open Source plan#

The Open Source plan offers unlimited build minutes for building public repositories at no cost.

Please note that each user can only have one organization on this plan at any given time.

Organizations on the Open Source plan can only create projects with public visibility.

Concurrency is limited for organizations on the Open Source plan as follows:

  • Linux - e1-standard-2: maximum of 4 jobs running in parallel.
  • MacOS - a1-standard-4: maximum of 1 job running in parallel.
  • Self-hosted - maximum of 4 agents

Please keep in mind that open source projects can be built for free only on the Open Source plan. If you are building open source projects on a paid plan, you will be charged according to that plan's pricing.


At Semaphore, we offer discounts for students, non-profit organizations, educators, researchers, and fellows involved in computer science/programming education or research.

Non-profit discounts#

For non-profit organizations, we offer a 25% discount. This means that at the end of each monthly billing cycle your total bill will be discounted by 25%.

If you are eligible for this discount, all you need to do is email us at and provide proof of your organization's status, e.g. an IRS determination letter for US based companies (or its equivalent in other countries).

Free student accounts#

Every student currently enrolled in an accredited high school, college, or university, as well as any learn-to-code program or bootcamp, is eligible for a student account.

Aside from the regular $10 in free credit per month, students will receive an additional $120 in gift credits each year, for as long as their studies last.

In order to request a student account, please send an email to from your school-issued email address. In the event that you don’t have such an email address, you will need to provide documentation that verifies your status as a student.

Free educator accounts#

Individual educators teaching computer science or programming at accredited high schools, colleges, or universities — as well as any learn-to-code programs or bootcamps — are eligible for a free account.

Aside from the regular $10 in free credit per month, educators get a certain amount of free credits per year, depending on their status.

In order to request an educator account, please send an email to from your .edu email address and/or a document that verifies your status as an educator.

Research discounts#

Researchers or collaborators/fellows working on a project at an accredited institution whose purpose is related to learning, teaching (even if they are not directly be involved in the teaching process), and/or computer science or programming training are eligible for a discount.

To request a research discount, please send an email to from your .edu email address and/or a document that verifies your status.

We will evaluate all requests for discounts and reply promptly.

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