Project Insights#

Project Insights provide metrics about your projects' development performance, speed, and reliability. For example, you can see the percentage of passed tests for the last few days in the whole project or your main branch.

You can also set up insights for your project's deployment branch via Settings on the Project Insights page.

Configuring Insights#

Semaphore does its best to figure out which CI branch and pipeline to show you insights for. You can tell Semaphore the branch and pipeline file that you're interested in examining in the Insights Settings. However, you must fill in branch and pipeline values for continuous deployment to see CD metrics.

Setting up Integration and Deployment insights#

Follow the steps below to set up CI/CD insights:

  1. Click on the Insights tab on the project page.
  2. Click on the Gear Icon (Settings) on the left side navigation bar of the Insights page.
  3. Provide the following information:
    • Branch Name
    • Pipeline File Path
  4. Click on the Save changes button.

Both Branch Name and Pipeline File Name are mandatory in order to set up Continuous Deployment insights in Semaphore. However, for Continuous Integration settings in Semaphore, both fields are optional.

Project Insights - Settings page After you save changes, Semaphore will start collecting metrics for your deployment branch.


Semaphore breaks down the metrics by Performance, Frequency, and Reliability. You can switch between metrics in the panel on the left.

On the dashboard, you can see a summary of how long the pipelines need to run on average (Performance), how often your team runs pipelines (Frequency), and how stable your code is (Reliability).


Performance metrics provide an overview of the median time (p50) and the standard deviation ( that it takes the pipelines to run. In addition, you can see the data for a selected branch (main or master) and all branches combined.

Performance metrics

If you have set up CD Insights, you can also see data for the deployment branch.

Performance metrics - CD


Frequency metrics show the number of executed pipelines per week for your project's main branch and all branches, and the total number of runs for all pipelines per day.

A tooltip with the total number of runs appears when you hover over the chart for a specific day.

Performance frequency

You can see data from the deployment branch if you have CD insights set up.

Performance frequency - CD


Reliability metrics provide an overview of your project's pipeline run pass rate. You can also see the mean time it takes to recover from a failed pipeline run and when the last successful run was.

When you hover over a day on the chart, a tooltip gets displayed with the Pass Rate, Number of Builds, and Passed builds.

Performance reliability

You can see data from the deployment branch if you have CD insights set up.

Performance reliability - CD

Default data retention#

By default, Semaphore enables Project Insights for all projects. Metrics are held for 30 days and are updated every 24 hours.