Tutorials and Example Projects#

Semaphore provides tutorials and open source repositories that show you practical examples of CI/CD pipelines. You can read and use them to learn what's possible and jump-start your own projects.

Continuous Integration#

Language Framework GitHub repository
Elixir Phoenix semaphore-demo-elixir-phoenix
Clojure Luminus semaphore-demo-clojure-luminus
Go Go semaphore-demo-go
iOS, Swift Xcode semaphore-demo-ios-swift-xcode
Java Spring semaphore-demo-java-spring
Android, Java Kotlin semaphore-demo-android
JavaScript Node.js. Nest.js / Express, React semaphore-demo-javascript
PHP Laravel semaphore-demo-php-laravel
Python Django semaphore-demo-python-django
Python Flask semaphore-demo-python-flask
React Native React Native semaphore-demo-react-native
Ruby Rails semaphore-demo-ruby-rails
Ruby Sinatra semaphore-demo-ruby-kubernetes
Scala Play semaphore-demo-scala-play
TypeScript Node.js. Nest.js / Express, React semaphore-demo-javascript


Platform or tool GitHub repository
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Deploy to DigitalOcean
Deploying with Git deploy
Docker registry: Docker Hub semaphore-demo-java-spring
Docker registry: AWS ECR coming soon
Docker registry: Google Container Registry semaphore-demo-cloud-run
Heroku semaphore-demo-ruby-rails
Google Cloud Run semaphore-demo-cloud-run
Kubernetes semaphore-demo-ruby-kubernetes
Netlify semaphore-demo-static-website
S3, static website semaphore-demo-static-website
Zeit Now semaphore-demo-zeit-now

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