Okta Integration#

Available on: Scaleup

Integration with Okta allows you to automate user management within your Semaphore organization, as well as to use Okta apps for Single Sign On.


Semaphore implements SCIM protocol for integration with ID providers (such as Okta), and SAML for user management (provisioning and deprovisioning of users). If you would like to use this Semaphore feature, but your company uses another SCIM/SAML ID provider, feel free to contact our support team.

How do SAML and SCIM work?#

SAML and SCIM are well-established protocols defined in the 2000s, that have became de facto standards for user management and identity management, especially in large enterprise corporations. For an in-depth explanation on how they work, check out these resources for SAML and SCIM

How to set up integration between Okta and Semaphore#

Here you will find detailed instruction on how to set up Okta integration.