Deployment Dashboards#

This guide shows you how to set up a dashboard showing deployment activity across selected projects. Before starting, create a new Semaphore project along with one or more delivery pipelines.

Start by creating a blank dashboard using the sem CLI:

$ sem create dashboard demo-deployment
Dashboard 'demo-deployment' created.

Open the dashboard configuration:

sem edit dashboard demo-deployment

At this point you have the dashboard definition open in your default editor. It looks something like this:

apiVersion: v1alpha
kind: Dashboard
  name: demo-deployment
  title: demo-deployment
  id: d0013e29-e4f9-43a6-9322-b5d843accd7d
  create_time: "1543855505"
  update_time: "1543855839"
  widgets: []

Recall that deployment is typically a separate pipeline which gets triggered by a promotion. Because of that, to make the dashboard display deployment activities, we need to use the pipelines list type of a dashboard.

The minimal configuration would be as follows:

  - name: Deploys to production
    type: list_pipelines
      pipeline_file: .semaphore/production-deployment.yml
      project_id: 5e99069f-0be6-4b60-85a1-4cbcfc5f339a

With the configuration above, dashboard will display all activities in the .semaphore/production-deployment.yml pipeline on any branch.

To find the ID of your project, execute sem get projects, then sem get project <projectname>.

That's it! Once you save the file and exit your editor, sem will automatically update the dashboard definition. When you open Semaphore, you will find the link to your dashboard in the sidebar on the left-hand side.

See also#

A dashboard can apply additional conditions and display data from more than one source. For more information, consult the dashboard reference documentation.