Deployment Dashboards#

Dashboards allow you to create custom Semaphore screens that show deployment activity across multiple projects.

For example, you can define a dashboard that shows which versions of your applications have been deployed into staging and production environments.

Deployment dashboard Semaphore


To create and manage dashboards, you need to have:

Creating a dashboard#

Start by creating a blank dashboard in your terminal, as shown below:

$ sem create dashboard demo-deployment
Dashboard 'demo-deployment' created.

Open the dashboard configuration, as shown below:

$ sem edit dashboard demo-deployment

At this point, you should have a blank dashboard definition open in your default editor. It should look something like this:

apiVersion: v1alpha
kind: Dashboard
  name: demo-deployment
  title: demo-deployment
  id: d0013e29-e4f9-43a6-9322-b5d843accd7d
  create_time: "1543855505"
  update_time: "1543855839"
  widgets: []

Adding widgets to a dashboard#

Dashboard widgets show information from a pipeline in a project.

Recall that Semaphore models deployment using promotions that trigger separate pipelines. So a typical deployment dashboard would define widgets based on these deployment pipelines.

A minimal configuration would be as follows:

  - name: Deploys to production
    type: list_pipelines
      project_id: 8781bf53-d0d9-4836-8379-32d3e02b9d3c
      pipeline_file: .semaphore/production-deployment.yml

Because a dashboard can show widgets from multiple projects, you need to reference a project_id. To find the ID of your project, run sem get projects, then sem get project <projectname>, as shown below:

$ sem get projects
NAME                              REPOSITORY

$ sem get project gatsby-blog
apiVersion: v1alpha
kind: Project
  name: gatsby-blog
  id: 8781bf53-d0d9-4836-8379-32d3e02b9d3c
  description: ""

Finally, specify the path to the target pipeline configuration file.

That's it! Once you save the file and exit your editor, sem will automatically update the dashboard definition.

Viewing a dashboard in the web interface#

In the Semaphore web interface, you will find a link to your dashboard on the Dashboards list in the top-level Projects menu.

Additional options#

A dashboard can apply additional conditions and display data from more than one source. For more information, consult the dashboard YAML reference documentation.