Self-hosted agent types

Self-hosted agents - closed beta

Self-hosted agents are in closed beta. If you would like to run Semaphore agents on your infrastructure, please contact us and share your use case. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Before running and using self-hosted agents in your pipelines, you need to register a new agent type in your organization.

Creating a self-hosted agent type#

  1. Go to <your-organization-name>
  2. Click the Add a self-hosted agent type button
  3. Add a name and click Looks good. Register
  4. Your agent type should be created. Follow the instructions to install the agent on your operating system of choice. The instructions are also available here.

Using a self-hosted agent type in your pipelines#

To use a self-hosted agent type in your pipelines, the machine type in the agent definition of your pipeline needs to be updated. For example, if you named your self-hosted machine type s1-linux-small, use this configuration:

-   os_image: ubuntu1804
-   type: e1-standard-2
+   type: s1-linux-small

And that's it. Now jobs using that agent type will run on the agents you registered for that type.