Semaphore allows the building, testing, and releasing of Swift, Objective-C, and React Native applications with customizable CI/CD workflows.

If you’re new to Semaphore, we recommend reading our guided tour first.

The macOS Xcode 14 and maxOS Xcode 15 images are available with a full complement of useful tools and utilities pre-installed. Information regarding the exact version numbers of macOS, Xcode, fastlane, CocoaPods, and all other tools is found below:

Configuring continuous integration#

Below is a minimal semaphore.yml file, which starts an Xcode 14 image and runs xcodebuild:

version: v1.0
name: Semaphore iOS Swift example
    type: a1-standard-4
    os_image: macos-xcode14
  - name: Build
        - name: Checkout and build
            - checkout
            - xcodebuild

Example project#

Semaphore maintains an example project built with Swift and SwiftUI that demonstrates how to build an app and run tests. A full tutorial showing how to configure an iOS project for CI with Semaphore is also available.