User Groups#

Available on: Scaleup

Instead of managing users (changing their roles and adding them to individual projects) one by one, you can use User Groups. This feature simplifies user management, enhances access control, and streamlines the assignment of roles and permissions across your projects. With User Groups, you can efficiently organize users into groups, assign roles to these groups, and manage access to your projects at the group level. Here's how it works:

Creating a user group#

  • Navigate to the People page.
  • People page
  • If your organization has access to the Groups feature, you should see a "Create a group" button. When you click on it, a pop-up will show, asking for the group name, description, and its members.
  • Create a group
  • As the final step, you need to enter the group name and its description, as well as add its members. When you create a new group, by default that group has 'Member' role assigned to it. To read more about our RBAC and roles, click here
  • Add members

Adding/removing users from a group#

  • On top of the people page, there is a section listing all the groups that exist within your organization. If you have sufficient permissions (Owner or Admin), you will see "Modify group" button next to the group name.
  • Modify group button
  • The same popup used to create a new group will appear. Here, you can change add new members, remove existing ones, or change group name and description.
  • Once you have made all the changes, click on the "Save changes" button. It might take up to a couple of minutes for all the changes to propagate through the system, depending on how many users you have added/removed from the group.

Assigning roles to a group#

  • As mentioned above, whenever you create a new group, it is assigned a 'Member' role within the organization, and it has no access to any of the projects.
  • If you go to the organization people page, you will see all the groups listed, together with a label stating which role the group (and its members) have within the organization. If you have sufficient permissions, you will be able to use 'Change role' button next to the group name.
  • Change group's role
  • If you go to the project people page, you will be able to add groups (and all of it's members) to the project.
  • Add to project