Status Badges#

This guide shows you how to create a badge that displays your project's current build status. The build status is determined by the status of the first pipeline in your newest workflow. You can use this badge in your project's README file or any web page.

Badge URL#

Badge URLs follow the following format:


For example, the badge URL for Semaphore's documentation project looks like this:


By default, the badge is created based on the master branch. You can specify a different branch by adding /branches/{BRANCH_NAME} to the URL.



You can choose between the default Semaphore style and Shields style. To use the Shields style, add style=shields as the query parameter in the badge URL:


Example badges:

  • Semaphore style badge: semaphore docs
  • Shields style badge: semaphore docs

Private projects on Semaphore#

Build badges for projects that are private on Semaphore require an additional key parameter. The value of this parameter is the ID of the project.


You can find a PROJECT_ID using the sem command line tool, as shown below:

sem get project {PROJECT_NAME}