Configuring parallel tests with Code Climate#

The Code Climate test reporter can combine parallelized test reports into one individual test report that can be submitted to Code Climate.

To do so, configure your CI to store partial results from each parallel run. We recommend syncing and fetching files from S3. Next, use the test reporter's format-coverage, sum-coverage, and upload-coverage commands to combine the results and upload them as one complete test report.

  1. Set your repo's test reporter ID as an environment variable to identify your repo. This can be found in your Repo Settings in Code Climate.

  2. Fetch the test reporter pre-built binary.

  3. Run before-build before running your test suite to notify of a pending report.

  4. Execute your test suite.

  5. Run format-coverage on the reports from each parallelized instance.

  6. Run sum-coverage to combine the parallelized test reports into one unified report.

  7. Run upload-coverage to upload the combined test report to Code Climate.

Here is a configuration example:

 - name: Test coverage example
        - name: Execute tests
            - checkout
            - curl -L > ./cc-test-reporter
            - chmod +x ./cc-test-reporter
            - ./cc-test-reporter before-build
            - # run your tests here
            - ./cc-test-reporter format-coverage --output "coverage/codeclimate.$SEMAPHORE_JOB_ID.json"
            # uploading partial test Coverage to S3
            - aws s3 cp "coverage/codeclimate.$SEMAPHORE_JOB_ID.json" "s3://my_coverage_bucket/$SEMAPHORE_PROJECT_NAME/$SEMAPHORE_GIT_BRANCH/coverage/$SEMAPHORE_WORKFLOW_ID/"

- name: Fetching and merging partial tests
        - name: Execute tests
            - checkout
            # fetching partial tests from S3
            - aws s3 sync "s3://my_coverage_bucket/$SEMAPHORE_PROJECT_NAME/$SEMAPHORE_GIT_BRANCH/coverage/$SEMAPHORE_WORKFLOW_ID/" coverage/
            # merging tests
            - ./cc-test-reporter sum-coverage --output - --parts $(ls -1 coverage/ | wc -l) coverage/codeclimate.*.json > coverage/codeclimate.json
            - ./cc-test-reporter upload-coverage