Checking the Connection Between GitHub and Semaphore 2.0#

To check the status of the connection between Semaphore 2.0 and GitHub, please visit the Semaphore 2.0 application page on GitHub.

This web page shows you:

  • Account permissions you have granted to Semaphore 2.0
  • Organizations that you are a member of, and the level of access that Semaphore 2.0 has to these organizations.

If the page is not showing Semaphore 2.0 application on GitHub, and you previously logged in to Semaphore 2.0 with the GitHub account that you are currently using, then please contact Semaphore support.

Grant additional permissions#

When you sign up with your GitHub account, Semaphore is asking only for your email. If you want to grant additional permissions, that is to let Semaphore 2.0 access public and/or private repositories that you have access to, please visit:


Grant access to organization repositories#

On the Semaphore 2.0 application page you can also request from a GitHub organization admin to grant Semaphore 2.0 access to its repositories. If you are an admin, then you can do that yourself.

Knows issues after a connection between GitHub and Semaphore 2.0 is lost#

You might see the following error message when trying to run workflows on Semaphore:

semaphore.yml ERROR:
Error: {"File '.semaphore/semaphore.yml' is not available", "Not Found"}

This means that Semaphore can't fetch .semaphore/semaphore.yml file from the repository. To do that, Semaphore is using GitHub credentials of the person who added the project to Semaphore. If this person no longer has access to the repository on GitHub, please contact Semaphore support, with information who should be the new owner of the project.