Machine Types

machine type specifies a particular collection of virtualized hardware resources available to a virtual machine (VM) instance, including the memory size, virtual CPU count, and disk.

This guide describes the available machine types. For using machine types in pipelines see pipeline agent documentation.

Machine name Virtual CPUs 1 Memory (GB) 2 Disk (GB) 3
e1-standard-2 2 4 25
e1-standard-4 4 8 35
e1-standard-8 8 16 45
Implementation of e1 series of machine types:
  1. Virtual CPU is implemented as a single hardware hyper-thread on a 3.4GHz, Max Turbo 4.0GHz Intel® Core™ i7.
  2. Memory is implemented as DDR4 RAM.
  3. Disk is implemented as RAM drive backed by DDR4 RAM.

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