You can further enhance your CI/CD experience with the purchase of add-ons.

The following add-ons are available to all customers on Startup and Scaleup plans:

How to enable add-ons#

If you're interested in trying out or enabling any of the available add-ons please reach out to

Add-on pricing#

All add-ons have a flat price per month. At the start of each billing period, the cost of any add-on enabled for your organization will be added to your monthly bill.

Dedicated cache server#

The Semaphore Cache tool optimizes CI/CD runtime by reusing files that your project depends on but are not part of version control. Each organization has access to the shared cache, which has a maximum total cache size of 9.6 GB.

If you need to improve cache performance, you can add the Dedicated Cache Server add-on. This cache server is located in the same infrastructure as your Semaphore cloud jobs and provides 400 GB of disk space and a 10 Gb/s network connection.

The dedicated cache server add-on costs $400,00 per month.

Dedicated container registry#

To speed up Docker-based builds, you can store your Docker images in a dedicated container registry with fast network access.

This registry is located in the same infrastructure as your cloud jobs, minimizing upload and download times. It comes with 400 GB disk space and a 10 Gb/s network connection.

Dedicated container registry costs $400,00 per month.

Advanced and Premium support packages#

All paid plans come with a basic account and technical support. However, you can upgrade your support package to receive additional benefits, such as:

  • Support SLAs (24x5 or 24x7 options)
  • Slack Channel for aligning with our team on time-sensitive issues or requests
  • Migration Assistance to help you move off your legacy solution
  • Dedicated Success Manager to ensure your goals are met with Semaphore
  • Onboarding Assistance with 5 x 45-minute calls in the first quarter
  • Priority Live Support for troubleshooting with 5 x 45-minute calls per year
  • Developer Training with 2 x 45-minute calls per quarter
  • Executive Business Reviews to understand improvements for better system effectiveness, usage, and product roadmap
  • New Release / Feature Training with notifications and walkthroughs via email, or in-app or set-up calls
  • Performance monitoring & optimization to increase your team's velocity with 2 x 45-minute calls per year

Service availability per package type#

Service Advanced Premium
Support SLAs
Ticket response time 24x5 24x7
Migration Assistance
Onboarding assistance Advanced Premium
Priority Live Technical Support Advanced Premium
Dedicated Success Manager
Slack channel
New Release / Feature Training
Developer Training
Performance Monitoring & Optimization