Agent types YAML Reference#

The agent types YAML reference explains the YAML grammar used for configuring self-hosted agent types.



The apiVersion property indicates the version of the YAML grammar employed within the current YAML file. Different versions may introduce varying features.

Here is a list of valid values for the apiVersion property: v1alpha.


The kind property specifies the purpose of a YAML file. For YAML files intended to define self-hosted agent types, the value of the kind property should be SelfHostedAgentType.

Here is a list of valid values for the kind property: SelfHostedAgentType.


The metadata property defines the metadata for an agent type YAML file, supporting the following properties: name, create_time, update_time.


The name property is a string that represents the name of the self-hosted agent type. The name should only consist of alphanumerical characters, dashes, underscores, / and plus characters, and should start with the s1- prefix.


The create_time property indicates the UTC when the self-hosted agent type was created. It should not be modified.


The update_time property denotes the UTC when the self-hosted agent type was last updated. It should not be modified.


The spec property contains a list of agent type properties.


The agent_name_settings property is an object with the following properties: assignment_origin, release_name_after, and aws.


The assignment_origin property can have one of the following values: assignment_origin_agent, or assignment_origin_aws_sts. Each value has a specific meaning:

  • assignment_origin_agent: This agent type will allow agents to choose their registration names when registering.

  • assignment_origin_aws_sts: This agent type will not allow agents to choose their registration names. Instead agents will be required to use a pre-signed AWS STS GetCallerIdentity URL to register.

If assignment_origin_aws_sts is used, the property needs to be specified.


The release_name_after property is a number of seconds, which determines how long the agent name will be blocked from being reused by a new agent registering.

It must be either 0 - name is reusable immediately after agent disconnects - or a number of seconds above 60.


The aws property is an object with the following properties: account_id and role_name_patterns.

  • The account_id property is a string containing the AWS account allowed to use pre-signed AWS STS URLs to register agents.

  • The role_name_patterns property is a string containing a comma-separated list of AWS IAM role names allowed to register agents. It allows wildcards.

An example#

The following YAML code provides an example of an agent type as returned by the sem get agent_type s1-example command:

$ sem get agent_type s1-example
apiVersion: v1alpha
kind: SelfHostedAgentType
  name: s1-example
  create_time: 1701093702
  update_time: 1701096126
    assignment_origin: assignment_origin_aws_sts
      account_id: 1234567890
      role_name_patterns: role1,role2
    release_after: 60

You can find out more about self-hosted agent types by visiting our agent types, and sem command line tool reference documentation.

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