Startup plan#

The Startup plan is suitable for a wide range of organizations, whether you're just starting your CI/CD journey or growing your team. This plan represents a flexible solution that accommodates the needs of different types of organizations.

With a $10 subscription fee, you get access to the resources you need to get started. This plan operates on a usage-based pricing model, allowing you to easily scale your CI/CD operations without any limitations on machine minutes or number of team members.


The Startup subscription includes the following resources every month:

Seats Credits Self-hosted minutes Storage Egress
5 $45 60,000 100 GB/month 30 GB

Any usage within these limits will not incur additional charges. However, you are not limited by these quotas, and you can generate additional spending depending on your organization's needs.

To understand how additional spending is calculated, please visit our Billing Overview page.

Seat cost#

In addition to the 5 free seats provided in the Subscription, any additional seat used will be charged at $15 per seat per month.

You can see how the seat pricing works in more detail in the Seat billing overview section.

Free credits#

Your Startup subscription comes with $45 of free credits every month. These credits equal to 6,000 minutes (based on e1-standard-2 pricing) of cloud machine time.

The free credits are applied to all additional spending, including machine time, seats, storage, and egress.

Please note that free credits are not transferable and will be reset at the start of each billing period.

Job concurrency & self-hosted agents#

On the Startup plan, you can run up to 80 jobs in parallel, regardless of the machine type.

Additionally, you can connect up to 40 self-hosted agents to your organization.

Cloud machine types#

In addition to the standard E1 (Linux) and A1 (MacOS) machines, the Startup plan also grants access to our more powerful E2 and F1 machine generations.

These machines offer increased memory and disk space, as well as improved build speeds of up to 25% (E2) and 50% (F1) respectively.

Check our Machine Types page for a detailed specification of each machine.

Available Machine Types#

Generation standard-2 standard-4 standard-8
E1 (Linux)
E2 (Linux)
F1 (Linux)
A1 (MacOS)

Features and add-ons#

The Startup plan provides access to advanced features to enhance your CI/CD strategy.

Metrics and insights#

Get a comprehensive view of your CI/CD performance with the Project Insights feature. With Project Insights, you can monitor key metrics such as pipeline speed, deployment frequency, mean time to recovery, and pipeline failure rate.

Custom dashboards can also be created to track the metrics that matter most to your team.

Complex CD workflows#

Take your deployment strategy to the next level with the following features:

  • Parameterized Promotions - use the same deployment pipeline file for different environments by creating a promotion form and passing parameters to your promoted pipeline
  • Deployment Targets - enjoy greater control over your deployments with the ability to limit which branches can be deployed and view the deployment history for each environment

Project Secrets#

In addition to organization-level secrets, this plan also includes access to project-level secrets. These secrets can only be viewed and updated by users with access to the project and cannot be used in jobs outside of that project.


Optimize your CI/CD experience even further with add-ons such as a dedicated cache server, dedicated container registry, and Advanced or Premium Support packages.

For more information on available add-ons and how to enable them, visit our add-ons page.

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