Semaphore Changelog

Thank you for using Semaphore! We continuously deploy changes that improve the product for you. This page is updated on a weekly basis.

Week of Feb 25, 2019

  • You can now create and manage secrets in the UI.
  • You can create multiple projects from the same screen by selecting any number of Git repositories.
  • The screen should be a little more pleasant while your dashboard is loading.
  • In case of misconfigured YAML file, the error message is now nicely wrapped in a red box.
  • Fixed an issue with sliders on Linux/Chrome.
  • Platform additions:
    • Go 1.12
    • libvirt-bin, qemu-kvm and virtinst
  • Platform updates:
    • git 2.21
    • git-lfs 2.7.1
    • gradle 5.2
    • heroku to 7.22.2
    • sbt 0.13.17
  • Introduced Tutorials and example projects, a handy portal to practical examples of CI/CD pipelines, with links to open source repositories that you can copy.

Week of Feb 18, 2019

  • Added contextual CLI widgets to the top-right corner of all pages. The >_ widget shows CLI commands that you can run to perform the same actions that you see in the UI.
  • Slack notifications can be filtered by pipeline result.
  • macOS Mojave image introduced, as iOS / macOS support enters closed beta.
  • Syntax highlighting in docs.

Week of Feb 11, 2019

  • New feature: Add project from UI. The much-loved feature of Semaphore Classic is now available in Semaphore 2.0 as well. Using the command-line interface remains an option, of course.
  • Platform:
    • Added new APT mirrors for faster apt-get installations in Ubuntu1804 image.
    • Chrome updated to 72.
    • Heroku CLI updated to 7.21.

Week of Feb 4, 2019

  • Platform:
    • ChromeDriver updated to 2.46.
    • Added Ruby 2.6.0, 2.6.1.
    • If repository contains .ruby-version file, Semaphore automatically fetches a pre-built version of the specified Ruby.

Week of Jan 28, 2019

  • Platform:
    • Added Java 11.

Week of Jan 7, 2019

  • New feature: Billing insights. Organization owners can now see the top spending projects and daily spending charts which contain spending per machine type. Data is available for any selected period.
  • Launching a promotion manually now shows a confirmation dialog.
  • Fixed: checkout command doesn't fail on git reference tags.

Week of Dec 17, 2018

  • New feature: Restart workflow. Available via “Restart" button on the workflow page, or sem rebuild workflow <id> in CLI.
  • checkout runs faster by doing a shallow git clone.
  • We improved the speed and stability of the UI, most notably on pages that load workflows and jobs.
  • Changelog initiated. 🚀

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