User Management and Permissions

Semaphore organizations can have unlimited members. Members have different permissions based on their role.


The creator of organization is its owner. There cannot be multiple owners, but it is possible to transfer the ownership. In order to do that, please contact support.

Project permissions

Owner can:

  • See all projects;
  • Add projects, if they have admin access to the repository on GitHub;
  • Delete projects.

Owner's area

Owner also has access to the Owner's area, which includes:

People management

Owners can:

  • Add new members to organization. Members can be invited by their GitHub username. New members will be able to enter the organization the first time they sign in with their GitHub accounts. Note: If you want someone to have access to a project on Semaphore, you first need to give this person access to the repository on GitHub, and then add them as a member to Semaphore on page.
  • Remove members from organization. Upon removal, their access to all projects in the organization will be revoked. Please note that this won't change their permissions on GitHub.

Billing management

Owner can see the billing section and perform changes, such as enter credit card information, see the current spending, and edit invoice related information.

Organization settings

Owner can change the name of the organization. Note that this will not change the ID and unique URL of the organization.


Members can't access the Owner’s area.

Project permissions

Members can:

  • See all projects they can see on GitHub;
  • Add projects to Semaphore, if they have admin access to a particular repository on GitHub;
  • Delete the projects they created.

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