With Semaphore 2.0 you will only pay for what you actually used and you can customize your usage according to your team's needs.


Once you sign up and create an organization, you are automatically on a free plan. With this plan, you will get $20 free credit every 30 days for the first organization you create on Semaphore 2.0. You will also be able to run 8 jobs in parallel for each type of machines (24 parallel jobs in total):

  • 8 e1-standard-2 machines
  • 8 e1-standard-4 machines
  • 8 e1-standard-8 machines

If you decide to add your credit card, you will be switched to the paid plan. Once you do that, you won’t be charged anything. The first charge will happen at the end of the billing period which are 30 days long starting from the moment you created an organization. When you add your credit card, you will receive $200 gift credit for your organization that you can use during a 3-month period. On this plan, you can also run 8 jobs per machine in parallel by default (total 24 parallel jobs). If you’d like to scale up and run more than 8 jobs in parallel, you can easily do that by reaching out to Please include which type of machine you prefer.

In Semaphore 2.0 all organizations are on monthly plans.

Note: If you currently have an annual subscription on Semaphore Classic and would like to migrate to 2.0, please reach out to

Billing page

Billing page is only accessible to the creator of an organization and you can find it in the Owner’s area of your organization.

Here you can find all the details related to your usage:

  1. Machine types
  2. Prices of each machine in dollars per second
  3. Number of seconds each machine was used
  4. Spendings (per machine and total)

Note: In order to see fully updated usage, you should allow for up to 24h to pass.

Your current month's running total is always reduced by $20 you get each month for your first organization. If you have any discounts, your running total will be reduced by that, too.

Billing insights

Organization owner can see usage in more details by clicking on See detailed insights… in the top right corner of the Billing page. Here you can find top spending projects and daily spending charts which contain spending per machine type. This data is available for any selected period.

Upgrading to a paid plan

In order to upgrade to a paid plan, go to the Billing page and click on Add Card and get $200… button in the top right corner. After that, enter your credit card information and that’s it.


You will receive an invoice for your organization at the end of every billing period to the email address you entered while adding your credit card.

If you want to change the recipient name, company name, address, phone number, billing email or country on the invoice, please contact us at

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